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Crystal 120 Malt - GWM 55lb Bulk Bag

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Crystal 120 Malt from Great Western Malting is a dark crystal malt with a color rating of around 120 Lovibond. This malt is known for imparting deep amber to reddish-brown hues to the beer and contributing robust flavors of dark caramel, raisin, and prunes. It can enhance the body and mouthfeel of the beer and add complexity to the malt profile. It's typically used in smaller quantities due to its intense color and flavor contributions.

Crystal 120 Malt is suitable for various beer styles, particularly those that benefit from richer color and more pronounced caramel and dark fruit flavors:

  1. Barleywines: Adds depth, color, and dark fruit sweetness to these strong ales.
  2. Belgian Dubbels and Quadrupels: Contributes to the malt complexity and dark fruit character typical of these styles.
  3. Stouts and Porters: Enhances the roasted malt profile with added caramel sweetness and color.
  4. Doppelbocks: Suitable for adding caramelized dark fruit flavors and enhancing the malt character.
  5. Old Ales: Works well in adding complexity and depth to these malty, aged beers.
  6. Dark Belgian Ales: Complements the yeast-driven flavors with additional malt complexity.
  7. Imperial Reds: Enhances the color and adds a rich malt character to these hoppy, malty ales.

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