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Crystal 60 Malt - GWM 55lb Bulk Bag

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A bulk unmilled sack of GWM Crystal 60 malt.  

Great Western Malting's Crystal 60 Malt is a medium-dark caramel malt with a color rating of approximately 60 Lovibond. This malt imparts a more pronounced amber to deep red color to the beer, accompanied by a rich caramel, toffee-like sweetness. It also aids in developing a fuller body and mouthfeel and enhancing the foam stability of the beer. Crystal 60 Malt is versatile and works well in various beer styles, especially those that benefit from a richer caramel character and deeper color.

Crystal 60 Malt is suitable for the following beer styles:

  1. Red Ales and Amber Ales: Contributes a deep color and rich caramel flavor, enhancing the overall malt profile.
  2. India Pale Ales (IPAs) and Pale Ales: Offers a robust caramel sweetness to balance the hop bitterness and aroma.
  3. Brown Ales and Porters: Adds complexity to the malt backbone with its toffee-like sweetness.
  4. Scottish Ales: Enhances the malt-driven character with additional layers of caramel and toffee.
  5. Stouts: Complements the roasted malts with additional sweetness and color depth.
  6. Barleywines: Provides a rich caramel sweetness that complements the high alcohol content and complexity of the style.
  7. Doppelbocks and other strong lagers: Introduces caramel notes and color to these traditionally malty and strong beer styles.

We do not mill bulk grain bags.

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