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Crystal 30 Malt - Great Western Malting Co. 1OZ

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Crystal 30 Malt from Great Western Malting is a medium caramel malt with a color rating of around 30 Lovibond. This malt is known for adding a moderate amber color to the beer and contributing flavors of mild caramel and sweetness. It helps in enhancing the body and mouthfeel of the beer, as well as improving foam stability. Given its balanced color and flavor contribution, it is versatile and can be used across a range of beer styles.

Crystal 30 Malt is suitable for a variety of beer styles, particularly those that benefit from a moderate caramel flavor and enhanced body:

  1. Pale Ales: Adds mild caramel sweetness and color, balancing the hoppy character.
  2. Amber Ales: Contributes to the malt complexity and deepens the amber color.
  3. Red Ales: Enhances the reddish hue and adds a layer of malt sweetness.
  4. Bocks: Suitable for introducing a mild caramel note in these malty lagers.
  5. Porters: Works well in adding complexity to the malt profile without overpowering.
  6. Marzens/Oktoberfest Beers: Adds color and sweetness to this traditional lager style.
  7. Scottish Ales: Complements the malt-driven profile with additional caramel flavors.

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