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Crystal 20 Malt - Briess 1oz

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Briess Crystal 20 Malt is a light caramel malt with a color rating of approximately 20 Lovibond. It is characterized by its ability to impart a light golden color, subtle sweetness, and mild caramel flavor to beers. In addition to flavor and color, it enhances the body, mouthfeel, and foam stability of the beer. Being a light crystal malt, it offers versatility and can be used in a wide range of beer styles without overly darkening them or adding excessive caramel notes.

Briess Crystal 20 Malt is suitable for a variety of beer styles, including:

  1. Blonde Ales: Adds a touch of sweetness, mild caramel flavor, and a slightly deeper color.
  2. Pale Ales: Enhances the malt backbone, providing balance to hoppy bitterness.
  3. Cream Ales: Introduces a mild caramel note and contributes to a smoother mouthfeel.
  4. Amber Ales: Suitable for accentuating malt sweetness and enriching the color.
  5. Wheat Beers: Complements the wheat character with a hint of sweetness and a light amber hue.
  6. Session IPAs: Balances the hop-forward profile with a subtle malt sweetness.
  7. Light Lagers: Adds a touch of malt complexity and enhances the overall beer character.

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