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Crystal 15 Malt - Great Western Malting Co. 1OZ

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Crystal 15 Malt from Great Western Malting is a light caramel malt with a color rating of approximately 15 Lovibond. This malt offers subtle caramel sweetness, a hint of malty flavor, and a light amber color to the beer. It is commonly used to enhance body, mouthfeel, and foam stability. The light color and flavor profile make it a versatile addition to a variety of beer styles without significantly darkening the beer.

Crystal 15 Malt is suitable for several beer styles where a subtle caramel character and light color enhancement are desired:

  1. Blonde Ales: Ideal for adding a hint of sweetness and body to these light, approachable beers.
  2. Pale Ales: Works well for subtly enhancing the malt backbone and balancing hop bitterness.
  3. American Wheat Beers: Suitable for complementing the wheat flavor with a touch of caramel sweetness.
  4. Session IPAs: Provides a balanced malt character to these lower-alcohol, hoppy beers.
  5. Kölsch: Can contribute to the malt complexity of this crisp and refreshing ale.
  6. Lagers: Useful for adding a slight malt depth to pale and amber lagers without overpowering the beer.

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