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Crystal 10 Malt - Briess 1LB

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Crystal 10 Malt from Briess is a type of light caramel malt with a color rating of approximately 10 Lovibond. This malt is known for imparting a subtle sweetness, mild caramel flavor, and light golden color to the beer. Additionally, it enhances the body and mouthfeel of the beer, while also improving foam stability and shelf life by contributing to the overall malt complexity without significantly darkening the beer.

Crystal 10 Malt is suitable for a variety of beer styles, especially those where a light color and subtle sweetness are desired:

  1. Blonde Ales: Adds a touch of sweetness and body to these light and easy-drinking beers.
  2. Pale Ales: Enhances the malt backbone and provides balance against hop bitterness.
  3. Cream Ales: Contributes to the smooth and mild flavor profile of these ales.
  4. Light Lagers: Suitable for adding a hint of malt complexity to lighter lagers.
  5. Kölsch: Can be used to subtly enhance the malt character of this German ale.
  6. Wheat Beers: Complements the light and refreshing profile of wheat-based beers.
  7. Session IPAs: Provides balance and a touch of sweetness to lower-alcohol, hop-forward beers.

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