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Corny Keg - Ball Lock (Used - Pressure Tested) - 5 Gallon (19 Liter)

  • $99.99

Tired of bottling? Check out our used ball lock kegs. A game-changer in homebrewing that makes packaging your homebrew a whole lot easier.

If you've been battling with bottles every time your beer is done fermenting and ready to get packaged, it's time for a change. That's where our used ball lock kegs come in. It’s been around the block a few times, but it's still got plenty of brews left in it.

With a generous 5-gallon (19 Liter) capacity, it's all set to handle your latest homebrew creation. And the best part? No bottling. I'm serious! Just transfer your beer to the keg, carbonate it with a co2 tank, and you're good to go.  No more waiting 2-3 weeks after bottling to enjoy your homebrewed beer.  With a keg you can carbonate it in a matter of days.

- **Goodbye, Bottling**: Seriously, who likes bottling? It's time-consuming and a real pain. Kegging? Now, that's a breeze.

- **Carbonation Control**: Want a brew with a bit more fizz? Or maybe you like it smoother? When you keg your beer, you're in the driver's seat.

- **Freshness Guarantee**: Storing your beer in a keg will keep it nice and fresh as long as it's hooked up to a co2 tank.

**Bottling? Nah, We're All About Kegging**

More and more homebrewers (myself included) are saying goodbye to bottling and hello to kegging. And why not? It's faster, easier, and - let's face it - way cooler. So, grab a keg today and see what all the fuss is about.  If you don't have a co2 tank or regulator we also sell those as well as all the other parts you would need to set up your kegerator.

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