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Corn (Flaked) - OiO 50lb

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Flaked corn, also known as maize, is not a malted grain but rather an adjunct used in brewing. It is pre-gelatinized, which means it has been precooked and dried, allowing it to be added directly to the mash without requiring additional processing. Flaked corn is known for its light color, contributing minimal coloration to the final beer. It imparts a subtle, smooth, and mildly sweet corn-like flavor to the brew and is often used to increase fermentables, lighten the body and color, and enhance the crispness and drinkability of the beer.

Flaked corn is suitable for a variety of beer styles, particularly those where a light body and color, along with a clean, crisp character, are desired:

  1. American Light Lagers and Pilsners: These styles commonly use flaked corn as an adjunct to achieve a light body, color, and a touch of sweetness.
  2. Cream Ales: Flaked corn complements the smooth and mild profile of cream ales, contributing to a light and crisp character.
  3. Pre-Prohibition Lagers: Historically, American lagers produced before prohibition often utilized corn as an adjunct, and flaked corn can be used to recreate such styles.
  4. Mexican Lagers: Many Mexican lagers use flaked corn to achieve their distinctive light and refreshing quality.
  5. Adjunct Beers: Any beer style in which the brewer desires to lighten the body and color while increasing fermentables can incorporate flaked corn.

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