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Copper Reflux Condenser - Alcoengine

  • $179.99

The AlcoEngine copper reflux condenser works on the Robobrew, Grainfather and T500.  You will need THIS lid to attach it to those units.  You will also need some tubing and a garden hose adapter to hook up the unit to a water source.

The pure copper AlcoEngine Reflux Condenser from Kegland produces extremely clean, pure alcohol. This allows you to collect up to 93% of the possible alcohol from the wash. 

High quality alcohol made with this reflex column can be used to make high quality, commercial grade, clear spirits such as Gin, White Rum and Vodka as well as any of the other spirits and liqueurs in the Still Spirits Essences range.  This is the condenser to get when you intend on making clean distilled spirits to steep with flavorings or fruit, or to make Vodka and Gin type spirits. Includes two orifices, a wider one for stripping runs, and a narrower one for extremely pure alcohol production. A digital thermometer is also included for keeping track of when the spirits will run, and when to stop the run.

Please Note: depending on your location, alcohol distillation may be illegal or require special licensing.

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