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Coffee Blonde Ale - Grain To Glass Extract Beer Kit

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Our Coffee Blonde Ale beer kit brings together the light, crisp characteristics of a blonde ale with the rich, roasty notes of fresh coffee beans.  This kit includes 4oz of coffee beans that are locally roasted at Sheepdog Brew Co in Winnipeg.  Whether for brunch or a calm afternoon, this beer is a versatile choice, offering an aromatic and delightful experience with its inviting coffee fragrance and the crisp characteristics of a blonde ale. This beer recipe kit produces approximately 19 liters of beer.

To make these kits you will need a pot that can hold a minimum of 2 gallons of water.  A 5 gallon brew pot is recommended.  You will need to steep the included grains for 30 minutes.  We suggest using a muslin/grain bag.  After steeping the grains you will add in the malt extract and boil it for 60 minutes.


Est ABV: %4.2
Color: 5.6SRM
IBU: 15

Ingredients: Dry Malt Extract, Honey Malt, Carapils, Saaz Hops, US-05 Yeast

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