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CO2 Gas Distributor (Manifold) - 4 Way With MFL

  • $39.99

This robust three-way manifold is equipped with MFL (Male Flare Thread) connections, offering you the ease and flexibility to manage your gas distribution like a pro.

Whether you're looking to dispense multiple kegs or need to carbonate different beverages simultaneously, our manifold stands ready to streamline the process. The MFL connections are not only durable but also provide a secure fit to prevent any gas leaks, ensuring a reliable and efficient gas flow to each keg.

You can use this mfl adapter which allows you to connect Evabarrier tubing. The inclusion of this adapter offers a seamless transition to using high-quality Evabarrier lines known for their superior durability, gas barrier properties, and resistance to kinks. This means you can expect a more consistent carbonation and preservation of your beverage's integrity.

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