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Chocolate Malt (Pale) - TF&S 1LB

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Thomas Fawcett’s Pale Chocolate Malt is a specialty malt with a lighter color profile than regular chocolate malt, typically falling in the range of 200-250 Lovibond. This malt imparts a delicate chocolate flavor, with notes of coffee and a subtle roasted character, without being overly bitter. It also contributes a light brown color to the beer and can enhance the overall malt profile.

Given its unique and versatile flavor profile, Pale Chocolate Malt is suitable for a variety of beer styles:

  1. Brown Ales: The malt can introduce a delicate chocolate note and enhance the color and complexity of brown ales.
  2. Porters: It is useful for adding depth of flavor and color in porters without contributing excessive bitterness.
  3. Mild Ales: English Mild Ales can benefit from the mild chocolate and roasted flavors of this malt.
  4. Amber Ales: Pale Chocolate Malt can provide an added layer of flavor and a richer color to amber ales.
  5. Stouts: For those looking to make a stout with a milder roasted character, this malt is a good option.
  6. Specialty Beers: Any beer style where a brewer desires a hint of chocolate and roast without overpowering bitterness can incorporate Pale Chocolate Malt.

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