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Centennial Cryo Hops LupuLN2 1OZ

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Cryo Centennial pellet hops are an effective choice for brewers aiming to intensify the classic Centennial hop profile in their beers, with a focus on strong citrus and floral characteristics. They are particularly effective in styles that embrace a prominent hop presence and clarity.  

Cryo Centennial hops are versatile and can be used in various beer styles, particularly:

  1. American IPAs and Pale Ales: The bold citrus and floral notes are ideal for these hop-forward styles, providing an intense flavor and aroma.

  2. West Coast IPAs: Suitable for West Coast IPAs where clarity and strong hop presence are desirable.

  3. NEIPA (New England IPA)/Hazy IPAs: The amplified citrus flavors can contribute to the juicy and fruity character of NEIPAs.

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