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Cararye Malt (Crystal Rye) - Weyermann 1LB

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typically in the range of 60-80 Lovibond. This specialty malt imparts a pronounced spicy rye flavor along with the sweetness associated with caramel malts. It also adds an amber to dark amber color to the beer and enhances body, mouthfeel, and malt aroma, while improving foam stability.

Given its unique flavor profile and characteristics, Weyermann Cararye® malt is particularly well-suited for beer styles where a spicy rye character and additional sweetness and body are desired:

  1. Rye Ales and IPAs: The pronounced spicy rye flavor and additional body and sweetness make it an excellent choice for these styles.
  2. Roggenbier: This traditional German rye beer can benefit from the added spiciness and color of Cararye® malt.
  3. Amber and Red Ales: The malt contributes a rich color and complex malt profile to these beer styles.
  4. Porters and Stouts: The addition of Cararye® can provide an interesting spicy note and enhance the malt complexity in these darker beers.

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