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Carared Malt - Weyermann 1OZ

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Weyermann Carared® malt is a unique caramel malt with a color range of approximately 16-23 Lovibond. It imparts a vivid amber to red hue to the beer, along with a mild and smooth caramel flavor. This malt is known for enhancing body, mouthfeel, and malt aroma, while also promoting improved foam stability.

Given its distinctive characteristics, Weyermann Carared® malt is suitable for a variety of beer styles that benefit from a reddish color and a balanced malt profile:

  1. Amber Ales and Red Ales: Carared® is ideal for achieving the amber-red color and enhancing the malt sweetness in these styles.
  2. Irish Reds: The malt's ability to impart a reddish hue makes it a good choice for brewing traditional Irish Red Ales.
  3. IPAs and Red IPAs: The malt contributes to the color and body, balancing the hop bitterness in these hop-forward styles.
  4. Bocks and Märzens: Carared® can be used to add depth of flavor and color to traditional German lagers.
  5. Fruit Beers: The malt’s color and flavor can complement the fruit character in these beers.

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