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Caramunich Type II - Weyermann 1OZ

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Weyermann Caramunich® Type II malt is a medium-dark caramel malt, typically ranging in color from around 42 to 49 Lovibond. It is well-known for imparting a rich caramel sweetness, enhanced malt aroma, and a warm amber to reddish hue to the beer. In addition to contributing depth of flavor, it also helps improve body and mouthfeel, while promoting good foam stability.

Given its attributes, Weyermann Caramunich® Type II malt is suitable for a variety of beer styles, particularly those that benefit from a pronounced malt character and caramel sweetness:

  1. Märzen and Oktoberfest Beers: This malt is ideal for enhancing the maltiness and color of these traditional German lagers.
  2. Amber and Red Ales: The rich caramel flavor and amber hue make it suitable for these ale styles.
  3. Belgian Dubbels and Dark Strong Ales: The malt’s sweetness and color contribute to the complexity of these Belgian styles.
  4. Bock and Doppelbock: Caramunich® Type II adds depth and malt character to these strong, malty lagers.
  5. Scottish Ales: The malt is suitable for adding sweetness and improving body in Scottish Ales.

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