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Carahell Malt - Weyermann 1OZ

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Weyermann Carahell® malt is a light caramel malt that typically ranges in color from 8 to 11 Lovibond. It is known for imparting a fuller body, improved mouthfeel, and enhancing the malt aroma of the beer. Carahell® contributes a delicate honey-like sweetness and light caramel flavor, along with a golden color. Additionally, it helps in promoting better foam stability.

Given its characteristics, Weyermann Carahell® malt is versatile and can be utilized in a range of beer styles, including but not limited to:

  1. Pale Ales and IPAs: The malt helps balance hop bitterness with a touch of sweetness and contributes to a fuller body in these styles.
  2. Lagers and Pilsners: Carahell® is ideal for adding a slight maltiness and improving mouthfeel in lighter lagers and pilsners without overpowering them.
  3. Blond and Golden Ales: The malt’s honey-like sweetness and light color contribution are beneficial for these lighter ale styles.
  4. Bock Beers: Carahell® can be used to enhance the malt character and body of traditional bock beers.
  5. Wheat Beers: The malt aids in enhancing the body, mouthfeel, and foam stability of wheat beers.

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