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Carafa Special Type III (Dehusked) Weyermann 1LB

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Weyermann Carafa Special Type III malt is a de-husked roasted malt with a color rating of approximately 488-563 Lovibond. The de-husking process results in a malt that imparts dark color and rich, roasty flavors to beers without contributing excessive bitterness or astringency, which can sometimes be associated with roasted malts that contain the husk. Carafa Special Type III is known for delivering flavors of coffee, cocoa, and dark chocolate.

Given its characteristics, Carafa Special Type III malt is versatile and can be used in a variety of beer styles, including:

  1. Stouts and Porters: This malt is ideal for these styles, enhancing the dark color and contributing to the roasty and chocolate flavor profile.
  2. Schwarzbier: Carafa Special Type III adds the necessary dark color and roasty character to this German dark lager without making it overly bitter.
  3. Black IPAs/Cascadian Dark Ales: The malt helps achieve the dark color and roasted flavor while maintaining a balance with the hoppy profile of these beers.
  4. Dunkelweizen: It can be used to add depth and color to dark wheat beers.
  5. Dark Belgian Ales: Carafa Special Type III can contribute color and complexity to Belgian Dubbels and Quadrupels.

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