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Carafa Special Type II (Dehusked) - Weyermann 1OZ

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Weyermann Carafa Special Type II malt is a dehusked, roasted barley malt with a color rating around 415-450 Lovibond. The dehusking process reduces the amount of bitter and astringent flavors that you would typically get from roasted malt, allowing it to impart a rich dark color, coffee-like flavors, and aroma without excessive bitterness.

Due to its distinctive characteristics, Carafa Special Type II is well-suited for a variety of beer styles, especially those that require dark color and roasted flavors without harshness:

  1. Dark Lagers and Schwarzbier: This malt adds color and subtle roasted flavors without overpowering the beer's overall profile.
  2. Porters and Stouts: It contributes to the rich, roasted character and dark color of these beer styles while maintaining smoothness.
  3. Black IPAs and Cascadian Dark Ales: Carafa Special Type II is ideal for achieving the dark color and roasted notes while preserving the hop character.
  4. Dunkels and Dark Ales: This malt is useful in enhancing color and flavor in darker ales and lagers without adding astringency.
  5. Baltic Porters and Bock Beers: It adds complexity and dark coloration to these malt-forward and higher-alcohol styles.

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