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Brown Malt - TFS 1OZ

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Thomas Fawcett & Sons Brown Malt is a specialty malt with a color typically ranging around 60-70 Lovibond. Brown malt imparts a rich, dark color to beers and is known for contributing a dry, biscuit-like, toasted flavor, with notes of nutty and mild coffee-like character.

Given its distinct flavor profile and color characteristics, Thomas Fawcett’s Brown Malt is suitable for a range of traditional and modern beer styles, including:

  1. Porters: Historically, brown malt was a key ingredient in traditional porters, contributing to the style’s signature color and flavor profile.
  2. Brown Ales: Brown malt is ideal for enhancing the malty, toasty character of English and American brown ales.
  3. Stouts: The malt can be used to add complexity and depth to the roasted profile of various stout styles.
  4. Mild Ales: Brown malt can help achieve the desired color and flavor for English mild ales.
  5. Old Ales and Barleywines: The rich, toasted character of brown malt can complement the strong, malty backbone of these ale styles.

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