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Brewzilla Low Volume CIP Spinning Spray Rotor

  • $11.99

Discover the latest innovation in brewing maintenance: the Kegland Low Volume CIP Spray Rotor. This economical solution brings a low-flow spray capability to low voltage pumps ranging from 6w to 25w, tailored specifically for your brewing needs.

Versatile and efficient, this spray head is designed for seamless integration with your 35L, 65L, or 100L BrewZilla systems, and it's adaptable enough to fit other branded units as well. Its primary function is to facilitate the Clean In Place process, ensuring your brewing equipment maintains the highest standards of cleanliness with minimal effort.

Installation is straightforward: modify your existing recirculation hosing or acquire additional silicone tubing to match the demands of your setup. Experimenting with water first allows you to ascertain the precise length needed for optimal performance. Initial trials with the glass lid will provide a clear view of the spray coverage, assuring that all necessary areas are thoroughly reached.

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