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Brewzilla Distillation Lid - Turn Your Brewzilla Into a Distillery

  • $49.99

Turn your RoboBrew into a 'BrewStiller'! The KegLand Distillation Lid, paired with an AlcoEngine Pot or Reflux Still, introduces distillation to your brewing toolkit.

Standout Features:

  • Versatile Use: Transforms your 35L RoboBrew into a personalized distillery.
  • Wide Compatibility: Also works with Turbo Boilers & Grain Fathers.
  • Seamless Seal: Built-in silicone seal assures leak-free distillation.

Escalate your brewing journey with KegLand's Distillation Lid. Designed for 35L RoboBrew, this lid, coupled with AlcoEngine Pot or Reflux Still, extends your brewing capability to distillation. Its adaptable nature also works with Turbo Boilers & Grain Fathers.

A secure, attached silicone seal ensures a flawless distilling process. Dive into the distilling domain without disrupting your brewing. Unlock potential, embrace versatility with the KegLand Distillation Lid.

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