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Bourbon Malt - CMC Copper Dome Series 1LB

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Canada Malting Company’s (CMC) Copper Dome Series Bourbon Malt is a specialty malt designed to impart flavors reminiscent of bourbon whiskey. This malt typically offers rich notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak, contributing a distinctive character and complexity to the beer. It can also add a warm amber to copper color to the brew.

Given its unique flavor profile and characteristics, CMC Copper Dome Series Bourbon Malt can be suitable for a range of beer styles, particularly those that benefit from a bourbon-like character:

  1. Barrel-Aged Beers: Any beer style that is commonly aged in bourbon barrels can benefit from the use of Bourbon Malt to enhance and complement the barrel character.
  2. Stouts and Porters: These dark, robust beers can be complemented well by the vanilla, caramel, and oak notes of the Bourbon Malt.
  3. Strong Ales and Barleywines: The rich and complex flavor profile of Bourbon Malt can add depth and dimension to these high-alcohol styles.
  4. Scotch Ales/Wee Heavy: The malt’s character can complement the malty sweetness and complexity of Scotch Ales.

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