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Bootmaker Pale Ale - Coopers Complete Refill Kit

  • $47.99

This Bootmaker Pale Ale complete refill kit includes the brew can, 1.5kg dry malt extract and a pack of 60 Coopers carbonation drops.

Thomas Cooper’s first occupation in Adelaide was as a bootmaker in the small village of Kensington, three miles east of the city. He plied his original trade a few doors down from the Rising Sun Inn where, in later years, he’d get his foot in the door with his very own Ales.

After Thomas hung up his cobbler’s boots, he turned his hand to brewing beers like this American-style Pale Ale. It has a rich amber colour, toffee malt flavours, citrus and pine hop aromas, a refreshing bitter finish and thick creamy head. Would Thomas approve? You can bet your boots.

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