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Biscuit Malt - Best Malz 1LB

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BestMalz Biscuit Malt is a specialty malt known for imparting a warm, biscuity, and toasty flavor with a slight nuttiness to the beer. It typically has a color range of around 23-31 Lovibond. It is used to enhance malt character, improve body, and contribute to a fuller mouthfeel, all while adding a rich amber color to the beer.

Suitable beer styles for BestMalz Biscuit Malt include:

  1. Belgian Ales: The warm, biscuity flavor complements the complex malt profile of many traditional Belgian styles, such as Dubbels and Tripels.
  2. Amber and Red Ales: The malt’s color and flavor contributions can be used to enhance the maltiness and depth of these styles.
  3. Porters and Brown Ales: Biscuit Malt can be used to add complexity and a toasty character to these darker beers.
  4. Bitters and Pale Ales: The malt can enhance the malt profile and add a layer of complexity to these classic styles.

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