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Barley Flakes (Toasted ) - CMC 1LB

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Canada Malting Company's Flaked Barley is not a malted product but a raw grain adjunct that undergoes a rolling process to flatten the barley kernels. It's used in brewing to enhance body, mouthfeel, and foam stability in beer, owing to its high beta-glucan content. Flaked Barley also contributes a slight haze and a mild, grainy flavor to the beer.

Given its characteristics, Flaked Barley is suitable for various beer styles where an increase in body and mouthfeel is desired, including:

  1. Stouts and Porters: Flaked Barley is commonly used in these styles to enhance body and contribute to the creamy mouthfeel, especially in Oatmeal Stouts.
  2. Irish Red Ales: It can be used to add body and a slight grainy character to this style.
  3. Cream Ales: The enhanced mouthfeel and body from Flaked Barley can complement the smooth and creamy profile of Cream Ales.
  4. New England IPAs: Flaked Barley can be used to contribute to the haze and mouthfeel of hazy, juicy IPAs.

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