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Aromatic Malt 1OZ - Simpsons

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Simpsons Aromatic Malt is a specialty malt known for its rich, aromatic, and malty characteristics. It is kilned to a color level of around 20-40 Lovibond. This malt enhances the beer’s aroma and contributes a strong malty flavor while adding a rich amber to reddish hue. It also brings forward warm, toasted, and nutty notes, which can add depth and complexity to the flavor profile of the beer.

Given its distinct characteristics, Simpsons Aromatic Malt is suitable for a variety of beer styles, especially those that benefit from enhanced malt aroma and flavor:

  1. Belgian Ales: The strong malty flavor and aroma are well-suited to various Belgian styles, including Dubbels, Tripels, and Quadrupels.
  2. Bocks and Doppelbocks: The malt adds warmth and richness to these malty lagers, complementing their character.
  3. Porters and Stouts: The toasty and nutty notes can contribute to the complexity of these dark beers.
  4. Amber and Red Ales: The malt’s rich color and flavor are ideal for enhancing the profile of these ales.



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