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Amber Malt 1oz - Simpsons

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Simpsons Amber Malt is a specialty malt known for imparting a rich amber color, toasty, biscuity flavor, and a dry finish to beers. It has a color range of around 20-30 Lovibond. 

Given its unique characteristics, Simpsons Amber Malt is suitable for various beer styles, particularly those where a toasty character and rich amber color are desirable:

  1. British Ales: The malt’s toasty and biscuity character complements the profile of many traditional British ale styles.
  2. Porters and Stouts: The malt can contribute to the color and complexity of these darker, richer beer styles.
  3. Amber and Red Ales: The malt’s color and flavor contributions are ideal for enhancing these styles.
  4. Old Ales and Barleywines: It can add depth and complexity to the malt profile of these strong ales.

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