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Acidulated Malt - Weyermann 1LB

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Weyermann Acidulated Malt is a specialty malt that has been treated with lactic acid to lower its pH. This malt is typically used to adjust the pH of the mash and wort, which can improve enzyme activity during mashing, enhance hop character, and improve beer stability. It usually comprises around 1-10% of the total grain bill, depending on the desired level of pH adjustment.

Given its purpose and characteristics, Weyermann Acidulated Malt is not exclusive to any particular beer style but can be used across a variety of styles whenever pH adjustment is necessary. Here are some instances where it might be particularly suitable:

  1. Sours and Berliner Weisse: Acidulated malt can help achieve the tart character that defines these styles.
  2. Pilsners and Lagers: Can benefit from a balanced pH to enhance crispness and hop character.
  3. IPAs and Pale Ales: Adjusting pH can help bring out the hop profile and improve overall beer stability.
  4. Malty and Dark Beers: Adjusting the mash pH can enhance the extraction of flavors from specialty malts.

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