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Abbey Malt - Weyermann 1OZ

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Weyermann Abbey Malt is a specialty malt known for imparting a rich malty flavor, notes of honey, and amber color to the beer. It is typically kilned to achieve a color level around 16-19 Lovibond. This malt is known for enhancing mouthfeel and body, contributing to the overall malt aroma and richness of the beer. It can be used to adjust color and flavor in various beer styles and is particularly well-suited to Belgian Abbey and Trappist style beers.

Given its distinctive characteristics, Weyermann Abbey Malt is suitable for several beer styles including:

  1. Belgian Dubbels and Tripels: The malt’s rich flavor and aroma complement the complex malt profile of these traditional Belgian styles.
  2. Abbey Ales and Trappist Beers: As the name suggests, it is designed to enhance the characteristic maltiness of these styles.
  3. Bocks and Doppelbocks: The enhanced mouthfeel and rich malty flavor are beneficial for these strong, malt-forward lagers.
  4. Amber and Red Ales: The malt’s color and flavor contributions can be used to add depth and richness to these styles.

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