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86 Days Pilsner - Coopers Complete Refill Kit

  • $39.99

This 86 Days Pilsner complete refill kit includes the brew can, 1kg dry malt extract and a pack of 60 Coopers carbonation drops.
Thomas Cooper, his wife Ann and their two children set sail for Australia from Plymouth, England aboard the SS Omega on the 29th May 1852. The treacherous sea voyage took 86 days and seemed like an eternity but they finally reached the sunny shores of Adelaide on the 24th August.

86 Days Pilsner pays homage to the journey Thomas took to make a fresh start for his family. It’s golden in colour with subtle malty sweetness and elegant refined herbal notes, a refreshingly clean, crisp bitter finish and rich frothy head. Thankfully, it will take you a lot less than 86 days to make it.

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