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6-Row Premium Malt - CMC 1oz

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Canada Malting Company's Premium 6-Row Malt is a high-quality base malt known for its high enzymatic activity and protein content compared to 2-row malts. Produced from six-row barley varieties, this malt typically has a light color, around 1.8 to 2.2 Lovibond. The higher enzyme content aids in the conversion of starches to sugars, making it especially useful when brewing with adjuncts that have lower enzymatic activity.

Suitable beer styles for CMC Premium 6-Row Malt include:

  1. Lagers and Pilsners: The high enzymatic activity and light color make it an excellent choice for brewing clean, crisp, and refreshing lagers and pilsners.
  2. Adjunct Beers: Given its high enzyme content, 6-row malt is ideal for brewing with adjuncts such as corn or rice, commonly used in American Light Lagers.
  3. Cream Ales and Blonde Ales: The malt’s neutral profile and light color suit the simplicity and drinkability of these beer styles.
  4. Pre-Prohibition Style Beers: Historically, 6-row barley was more common in North America, making this malt suitable for recreating traditional American beer styles.

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