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Hard Seltzer 19 Liter Recipe Kits - Over 10 Flavors To Choose From

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Introducing our in house Grain To Glass 19 Liter Hard Seltzer recipe kits.  Create your own crisp and delicious hard seltzers effortlessly with our Hard Seltzer Kits. It includes dextrose, Mangrove Jack's Hard Seltzer yeast, a clearing agent, and your choice of natural flavorings like Blood Orange, Blueberry, Mango, Raspberry, Grapefruit, and more. Brewing made easy!

Why Choose Our Hard Seltzer Kit:

  1. Easy Brewing: Simple instructions make brewing a breeze, perfect for beginners and experts alike.

  2. Custom Flavors: Select from a variety of tantalizing flavors to personalize your seltzer experience.

How to Make Your Hard Seltzer:

  1. Prepare and Sanitize: Thoroughly clean and sanitize your brewing equipment.

  2. Mix Ingredients: Dissolve dextrose in water and pour it into your fermenter.

  3. Pitch the Yeast: Add the Mangrove Jack's Hard Seltzer yeast then seal your fermenter.

  4. Fermentation and Clearing: Allow it to ferment for 2 weeks then add the clearing agent to clarify.

  5. Bottle and Enjoy: Add the flavoring and transfer to clean, sanitized bottles or transfer it to your keg and savor your homemade hard seltzer.

Order Your Hard Seltzer Kit Today:

Craft your own personalized hard seltzers effortlessly. Choose your flavor, follow the steps, and impress with your brewing skills.

Note: Explore our website for additional brewing supplies and equipment to enhance your brewing experience. Cheers to your creativity and the joy of crafting perfect sips!

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