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Complete 8 Liter Kegging Package - Great For Beer - Kombucha - Soda - Sparkling Wine + More

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Are you a passionate home brewer tired of the hassle of bottling your beer? Or perhaps you're a kombucha enthusiast looking for an easy, compact solution to store your homemade beverage? We have the perfect solution for you!

Introducing our Complete 8 Liter Kegging Package, the ultimate compact and budget-friendly solution to streamline your home brewing process and elevate your beverage-sharing experience. This isn't just for beer lovers - it's perfect for kegging homemade kombucha, soda, sparkling wine, and more.

This package includes a filled SodaStream CO2 bottle and a Kegland Mini Core 360 CO2 regulator that keeps your beverages perfectly carbonated. It also comes with an 8-liter PET keg that features a handy picnic tap for easy dispensing, as well as all the tubing and disconnects needed to assemble it all.

It's time to quit bottling your homemade beverage of choice and switch to the convenience and versatility of kegging. Whether you're looking to save space (these kegs can even be laid on their side in a standard fridge), stay within budget, or easily transport your beverages for a get-together at a cabin, campground, or social gathering, our Complete 8 Liter Kegging Package has got you covered.

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your home brewing experience! Order our Complete 8 Liter Kegging Package today!

Do not exceed 58psi

Package Includes: 
Kegland 4 Liter PET Keg With Tapping Head
Kegland 360 Mini Core CO2 Regulator
Filled SodaStream CO2 Tank
Duotight Picnic Tap
2 X Duotight 6.5mm to 8mm Reducer
Duotight Ball Lock Gas Disconnect
Duotight Liquid Disconnect
2 feet 5mm evabarrier co2 tubing
5 feet 4mm evabarrier liquid tubing

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