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Zeus Pellet Hops 1oz

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A 1oz pack of Zeus pellet hops.

Zeus hops exhibit a bold and intense aroma profile, characterized by earthy and spicy notes, with undertones of citrus and pine. The flavor is similarly robust, with a resinous and herbal character that can add depth and complexity to a variety of beer styles.

Also known as Columbus or Tomahawk, this high alpha variety has a pungent aroma and clean bittering. Columbus hops have a spicy earthy aroma with citrus overtones it is excellent for bitter ales and American IPA styles, and can be dramatic when dry hopped.

Zeus hops boast a high alpha acid content, typically ranging between 14% and 17%.

These hops are commonly used in a variety of beer styles including but not limited to: IPA, Imperial/Double IPA, Pale Ales, Stouts, Porters, Barleywines etc.

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