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Keg Level Indicator - Ball and Keg - Grain To Glass

Keg Level Indicator - Ball and Keg

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The Ball and Keg Liquid Level Indicator is a Patent Pending, revolutionary product that can be used to immediately eliminate the guesswork on any Cornelius style homebrew keg. The Ball and Keg is the first and only device that is designed to accurately and instantly provide continuous liquid level for your keg. It is simple to use, economical, and completely accurate.

The float is 2" in diameter.
The indicator bead is 1/4" in diameter and bright orange.
The float is made of FDA approved plastic.
This is the same plastic used for many types of food and beverage containers.
The float can be installed before carbonation and is designed for pressure up to 40 psi.


The Ball and Keg kit comes with:

  • 1 float assembly
  • 1 black disk magnet
  • 5 orange indicating beads

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