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Idaho 7 Pellet Hops 1oz

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A 1oz pack of Idaho 7 pellet hops.

Idaho 7 is a hop variety that originates from the United States, specifically Idaho, and is recognized for its multifaceted aroma and flavor profile. It has fruity notes including apricot, orange, red grapefruit, and papaya, with additional layers of pine, black tea, and herbal qualities. 

The diverse array of fruity, piney, and herbal notes in Idaho 7 makes it a great choice for brewers wanting to brew beers with a rich and layered hop character.

These hops feature a relatively high alpha acid content, generally falling in the range of 12% to 16%.

Idaho 7 hops are commonly used in a variety of beer styles including but not limited to: American Pale Ale, NEIPA, and other hop forward beer styles.

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