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Farmhouse Saison - Best Case DIY Beer Recipe Kit

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The Best CAse DIY partial grain beer recipe kit produces a thirst quenching farmhouse ale.

A hot day session beer with tangy citrus notes, and rye, which lends a unique spicy character to this interpretation of a Belgian classic.

Traditionally brewed at the beginning of spring as the cold months come to an end; Saison is a delicate blend of fruit, citrus and spice flavors. Sometimes this beer is also referred to as a “Farmhouse Ale” due to its Belgian roots of quenching the thirst of hard working farmers. Our version has a good amount of rye to add to the natural spiciness of this unique session beer.

O.G. 1.052-54 | F.G. 1.005-07 | ABV 6.2% | IBU 8

(Values are approximate) 

Makes 23 Litres!

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