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Coffee Malt Malt - Franco Belges 1lb

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Coffee Malt from Malteries Franco-Belges is a specialty malt with a color typically around 150-200 Lovibond. It offers a unique flavor profile with notable coffee characteristics, nutty and toasty notes, without imparting overly roasted or burnt flavors. It also contributes a warm, amber to brown color to the brew, enhancing the overall malt character of the beer.

Given its distinct flavor and coloring properties, Pale Coffee Malt is suitable for various beer styles:

  1. Brown Ales: The malt can complement the nutty and malty profile of brown ales, adding a distinct coffee note.
  2. Porters and Stouts: It can introduce an additional layer of coffee flavor to these dark, roasty beer styles.
  3. Amber Ales: The malt can provide depth of flavor and a richer color to amber ales.
  4. Specialty Coffee Beers: Beers specifically designed to have a coffee flavor can greatly benefit from this malt.
  5. Belgian Specialty Beers: The unique flavor of Pale Coffee Malt can complement the complexity of various Belgian beer styles.

Lovibond: 150 - 180 

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