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Camco 4500 Watt Low Watt Density Foldback Heater Element 2929

  • $34.99

A Camco 4500W heater ripple element (LWD). These elements are great for your home brewing system in that they provide even heat and help prevent caramelizing and scorching.

  • Brewing beer using an electric stovetop is a great way to increase your level of control during the boiling process. While using an electric stove is great for novice home brewers, it requires homebrewers to invest in additional equipment especially if they do not have such kind of stove in the first place. Adding an electric heating element directly to the brew kettle is a great idea for home brewers as it saves a lot of the working space as a stove is no longer necessary to heat up the wort.
  • The heating element is 10" long and provides extreme heat thanks to its 4500W heating capacity. This screw-in heating element provides even heat to the wort, thus producing an even boil in the shortest possible time. Since this heating element will be immersed in the wort, the liquid allows efficient heat transfer for even boiling. It also prevents caramelization and scorching at the bottom of your brew pot.
  • It is made from a nickel-chromium stainless steel that allows for extra strength and resistance towards dry firing, which is heating the kettle without water. It can easily be installed using a 1" nut. The Camco Model 2929 screw-in heating element can fit most types of water heater brands such as Bradford White, American, AO Smith, Kenmore and many others. Since this is a high current and voltage heating element, proper installation should be done to avoid serious injury or electrocution.

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