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Burner - Bayou Classic KAB6 "Banjo" (210,000 BTU) - Grain To Glass

Burner - Bayou Classic KAB6 "Banjo" (210,000 BTU)

  • $179.99


The KAB6 cooker uses a maximum power 10 inch cast iron burner. The stand is 13 inches high with an 18 inch surface capable of supporting 40 gallons. Includes a 30 psi regulator and extra long 4 foot hose hose. You supply a standard propane tank. The KAB6 will hold a 55 gallon drum!
The 'Banjo Burner' is named for the huge cast iron heart of this boiling machine. This is the most power you can get out of a portable propane tank! Excellent flame distribution and high burn efficiency. There's nothing to lose with this top-of-the-line cooker.

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